Racial Justice Reform

I support the following measures to address the ongoing need for racial justice reform: 

  • Prohibit the procurement of military equipment for community law enforcement.  No state or local police force should have access to grenades or rocket launchers. 
  • Prohibit all maneuvers that restrict the flow of blood or oxygen to the brain, including neck holds, chokeholds, and similar excessive force.  Such measures are a violation of civil rights. 
  • Require ongoing training in the use of de-escalation techniques, and the duty to intervene when excessive use of force is being used. 
  • Ban the use of force as a punitive measure or means of retaliation against individuals who only verbally confront officers.
  • Prohibit racial profiling.  Require robust data collection on police community encounters and law enforcement activities, especially use of force, in a way that captures all demographic categories. 
  • Establish a statewide public database which would compile the names of officers who have had their licenses revoked due to misconduct, including but not limited to domestic violence, sexual violence, assault and harassment, criminal offense against minors, excessive use of force, violation of perjury, falsifying a police report or planting and destroying  evidence,  and deadly physical assault; as well as terminations and complaints against the officers.  
  • Decriminalize marijuana use and clear related records for past offenders.  We need to end the “War on Drugs” and treat substance abuse as a public health issue, not a criminal one.  It starts with decriminalizing marijuana, which nationwide accounts for over 50% of all drug arrests.  Black Americans make up nearly 30% of all drug-related arrests, despite accounting for only 12.5% of substance abusers.  We have created a race-based pipeline into our prison system, causing direct harm to both individuals and communities, while placing an unnecessary burden on taxpayers.  Redirecting funds into drug treatment programs is less costly and more likely to result in better outcomes.