About Me

I’ve lived in Granby for twenty one years, and the 62nd District is where my husband Doug and I raised our family. We were attracted to the area for its rural setting and strong community spirit, qualities that still anchor us two decades later.

During my three decades long career in the financial services industry, I developed expertise in high risk restructurings, as well as the telecommunications, entertainment and casino industries.  Over the last fifteen years of my corporate career, a period which covered the U.S. banking crisis, I specialized as a finance industry analyst. This gave me a unique perspective on how governments function under financial stress, and I spent many hours meeting with elected officials as both our government and the finance industry forged a more secure path forward. I understand how economic interests often drive policy decisions.

Granby residents may know me from my volunteer efforts. I’ve led a Girl Scout troop, served as Director for the Marquis of Granby Jr. Ancient Fyfe & Drum Corps, organized the parade for Celebrate Granby 225, volunteer as a poll worker, and show up whenever I see there is a need, and I’m able to be there. Currently, I’m serving on both the Granby Library Board, and as a member, and the Treasurer, for the Granby Democratic Town Committee.  For many years, I was a substantial contributor to the Granby Community Fund through directed United Way payroll deductions. 

Why I’m Running

I believe good governance begins with sound fiscal policy.  Three decades of experience as a financial analyst, evaluating thousands of companies and municipalities, from small non-profits, to the largest global banks, provided me with a very broad look at how the diverse threads of our economy are woven together.  I know how to break down complex financial challenges and find solutions.  My experience means I can represent the 62nd District’s economic interests effectively.

I’m fully engaged on social issues, with an understanding of how they’re interconnected to our statewide economy.  Everyone should have the opportunity to work and earn a living income, without the burden of discrimination.  Women should be free to make choices about their reproductive health without judgement, or government intrusion.  Everyone should have access to the healthcare services they need, without fear of bankrupting their families.  Education is not a one size fits all product. Global warming is not a weather forecast, it’s a challenge that is already impacting the stability of our economy, our environment, and our social welfare.  There is plenty of room, even on a non-partisan basis, to reduce gun violence.    

The residents of the 62nd District deserve a candidate who understands our concerns and is willing to fight for our interests.  I believe I can be that person, and I ask for your support.

Other information:

Education: I hold a bachelors degree from Lindenwood University, and have completed graduate coursework in business and accounting at Boston University School of Business & Management.

Professional Certifications: I am a Chartered Financial Analyst.